The Schedule

10:00am - 11:30am ET

Workshops & Panels

Paths to Publication

A Panel with Kristina Marie Darling, Ryan Murphy, Frances Donovan, George Abraham, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram

with publishing in journals as well as publishing a full-length manuscript.This panel will consist of a variety of writers, editors and publishers who will discuss and answer any questions associated

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Elegy in a Time of Pandemic

Writing Workshop

Chen Chen
address? Can poems speak to job loss, loss of everyday routines, loss of future plans, and missing friends? And what if we simply can’t write poems at this moment—what do we do with the loss of our sense of being poets? In this generative workshop, we’ll make space for all these questions, looking to a range of elegies not for neat answers (which don’t exist anyway) but a deepening of our attention to where we are, who we are, in the midst of crisis.How do we write about grief right now, when there are so many (and simultaneous) forms of grief to

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Sweet Impossible Blossom

Writing Workshop

Denice Frohman
embodied space by drawing our attention to the everyday moments in our lives that can hold meaning. We’ll explore the work of contemporary poets like Aracelis Girmay, Ross Gay, and Li-Young Lee, and think through the following question: How can writing toward or from the body open up other portals of experience? By mining the mundane, we’ll root ourselves in the present and reconsider what these moments can hold.Jenna Wortham once wrote, “Embodiment is an act of resistance.” In this workshop we’ll write toward a more

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Poetry is Not A Luxury

Reading & Discussion with Janice Lobo Sapiago & Angelo Geter

SC, Angelo Geter and the Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County, CA Janice Lobo Sapiago. Poets will perform a reading of their work and engage in conversations around poetry, civic service, and landscaping spaces for youth poets.Hosted by the Academy of American Poets, this reading and discussion brings together the Poet Laureate of Rock Hill,

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11:30am - 1:00pm ET

Workshops & Panels


Future of Roxbury Panel

discussion is moderated by Marisa Luse.This panel will consist of artists, residents, youth and city planners and will center around futurescaping Roxbury. This panel

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Writing our Mothers

Writing Workshop and Panel

Tatiana Johnson-Boria
can we explore mothers as vessels, as nurturers, as sources of harm, as sources of healing within our work? How can we make space for our own capacity to mother ourselves? In this workshop we'll be going through a series of exercises and explorations meant to generate new work while also hearing from others about their own artistic expressions of the mother-self relationship. The reading component of this workshop will feature Crystal Valentine, Aleshea Harris, Alicia Lochard and Dasia Moore.The poet and artist, Krista Franklin, has called mothers: "ancestral, mythical, and living." How

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What Awaits Is What We Make It

Writing Workshop

Aricka Foreman
hope. We'll cull together a tapestry from what we've assembled: music, film, visual art. It's in this wellspring we dream. Let's dream together.At a moment of continued reckoning, we seek something righteous for ourselves: pleasure, witness and

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At Home in the Moving Body

Connecting Body, Breath, and Image: Writing Workshop

Rajiv Mohabir
Taking a tip from breathing exercises, we will work together to create unexpected and deep images that bear our understanding of what the body can do as an antenna for our experience of being human. Central to this will be thinking through the various migrations and motions our bodies make and have a memory of making. This will include engaging the concept of home in its complexities for the poet and the poem's speaker.In this workshop we will connect and constellate the poet’s body to the literary image and to the poetic line.

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1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

Lunch Time Craft Talks & Discussions

Home Is Not A Country

written in verse. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch on screen while enjoying this conversation.Home is Not A Country is a talk and reading with Safia Elhillo and a Roxbury Youth Poet Laureate Finalist, Asiyah Herrera regarding Elhillo’s recently released YA novel

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Craft Talk w/ Rachel McKibbens

This event is in partnership with GrubStreet

Rachel McKibbens
vulnerability instead of an agent of confession? This craft talk encourages participants to bring their lunch on screen while enjoying a craft talk from poet and performer, Rachel McKibbens.As poets, we use devices to resurrect or bury, but how often are we willing to lean into our own wickedness, to give it its rightful placement as the second face of our

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2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

Readings, Performances & Conversations

LatiNEXT: Anthology Reading

Diannely Antigua, Malcolm Friend, Jonathan Mendoza

Poet’s LatiNEXT Anthology. Closes with a Q/A.This reading and performance features Latinext folks who were published in the BreakBeat

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Flowers As They Live: Honoring Local Poets

Askia Toure, Letta Neely, Martha Collins, Moderated by Toni Bee

#LocalLivingLegends Closes with a Q/A.This reading highlights writers who have made an impact on the poetry world nationally and locally.

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How We May Appear

826 Youth Anthology Reading

826 Boston
authored publication features stories and poems written by young people across the city. As foreword author Amanda Gorman says: "Reading the collection from my sunlit apartment in Los Angeles, it is hard not to be struck with the vision that these authors present: a vibrant and youthful Boston, with its tongue of many languages, and heart of many songs.” This performance features youth poets published in 826 Boston Poetry Anthology. The reading takes place outside the Roxbury Branch Library.How We May Appear, the first anthology produced by 826 Boston's Youth Literary Advisory Board. This student-

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50 Rappers Who Changed The World

Author Interview & Discussion

book, 50 Rappers Who Changed the World. This session, like the book, is a celebration of the musicians who shaped the genre and changed the world.Join writer, Candace McDuffie, and poet, Ashley Rose, for a reading and discussion of McDuffie's

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3:00pm - 4:00pm ET

Readings, Performances & Conversations

Halal If Your Hear Me

Anthology Reading from Dr. Seema Yasmin, Nikia Chaney, Yasmin Belkhyr

to the Breakbeat Poet Anthology: Halal If You Hear Me. Closes with a Q/A.This reading and performance celebrates poets of the Muslim Diaspora who were contributors

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Art Is Life Itself

Open Mic with Nina La Negra and Fulani Haynes

performance and culture. Sign up for the open mic when you register!Join long-time Roxbury artist organizers, Fulani Haynes and Nina LaNegra for an open mic that celebrates

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The Literary Tea

Cierra Peters and Arielle Gray, Print Ain't Dead

Print Ain't Dead
historical gossip associated with local and national literary movements & writers.This casual discussion is facilitated by local collective, Print Ain’t Dead and will implore the literary and

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New Writing from Incarcerated and Unhoused Bostonians

w/ Jill McDonough

Jill McDonough
poems written by unhoused and incarcerated writers who have spent time in writing classrooms with Jill.Jill McDonough will be offering some ways to think about sound and form in poems, then sharing some

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4:00pm - 5:00pm ET

Keynote Address w/ Jericho Brown

Jericho Brown

2020 Pulitzer Prize winner, Jericho Brown, will read from his book The Tradition and answer a few questions from the audience. This talk will be moderated by a local artist.

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5:00pm - 7:00pm ET

Publisher’s Poetry Slam

This poetry slam occurs outdoors in Nubian’s Square Blair Lot. It will be filmed by Button Poetry and allots the winner of the slam, a local writer, a chap book deal from the publisher, Button Poetry. This event is only open to poetry living in Massachusetts. Hosted by Harlym 125.

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7:00pm - 9:00pm ET

Beast The Beat

Presented by DJ Why Sham, Beast the Beat is a women / fem rap concert.

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Public Safety and COVID-19

Due to the pandemic and the goal to ensure a public health-conscious space, this year’s festival will take place online via Zoom. Depending on the speaker's comfort, some readings will air via Zoom at a partnership site (i.e. Hibernian Hall) and without a live audience. If health mandates permit, The Publisher’s Poetry Slam and Boston’s Beast the Beat will take place outdoors in Nubian Square’s Blair Lot. In addition to onsite sanitizers, mandated masks, and public health care representatives, there will be social distance markers and volunteers to ensure the community members are socially distancing and masked.