Publisher's Poetry Slam

The Poetry Slam takes place outdoors in the Blair Lot on June 5, 2021 from 5pm-7pm ET.

Button Poetry

Rules & Guidelines

  • 10 poets will compete in three rounds. Poets must perform original work and can not use prop, costume change or any musical accompaniment outside of their voice. Each poet will have 3 minutes and a 10 second grace period. There will be a half point time penalty for every 10 seconds over time limit.
    • Round 1: 10 poets with random draw
    • Round 2: 7 poets, organized high to low
    • Final Round: 3 poets, random draw from stage
  • Judges are TBD. Poem and performance will be judged on a scale of 1-10 based on written craft and performance and delivery. 
  • Winner will receive a chapbook deal from Button Poetry along with supporting resources to write their book.

Hosted By Harlym 125

Harlym 125

Known for his work, Harlym 1Two5 is often asked to be a panelist or to give presentations on a broad range of topics regarding diversity and pluralism, and also is asked to prepare presentations in response to very specific incidents or conditions. Appearing at dozens of college campuses every year. He is the "HUMAN HIGHLIGHT OF POETRY AND EDU-ACTIVISM."1Two5 remains well known nationally and in multitudes poetry circles. Known as Harlym 125, He is a frequent and highly regarded figure in competitions, performance, concert and beyond. 125 has become a part of the Boston area poetry scene and joined teams of poets who have won numerous competitions regionally and nationally. 125 has also become well known in the Boston area for his work leading workshops dealing with issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Several times in the last couple of years, Harlym has been called to local high schools, colleges and communities to help bring a calm and constructive unity after incidents of racial injustice have occurred.

Bout Manager - Michelle Garcia Fresco

Michelle Garcia Fresco

Michelle Garcia Fresco is an Dominican poet, performer, and teaching artist based in Boston. She is currently a Senior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, double majoring in Creative Writing and Sociology. Believing in the power of poetry as a medium for social justice. Garcia`s writing is often inspired by the women in her family, social and racial injustices in America, coping with loss and mental health, as well as her Dominican roots. Her work has appeared in Wbur/The Artery, Tinderbox Poetry, and the Rising Phoenix. She is also the winner of Stirling Spoon's “2020: Identity in America”contest, chosen by Richard Blanco, former US Inaugural Poet and author.

The Poetry Slam will be filmed and published by Button Poetry

Poetry Slam Flyer